Intelligent Billing for Recurring Business Models

Limitless Pricing

Go to market with any combination of one time, recurring and usage-based pricing models—let customers pay how they’d like.

Maximum Revenues

Create predictable revenue streams and use customer data to drive cross-sells, up-sells, and renewals—maximizing lifetime customer value.

Agile Monetization

Quickly launch new pricing models, adapt product offerings and deliver new services in weeks not months (or worse, never).

More than just invoicing.

Built for fast-growing companies.

Gotransverse brings a full suite of billing and accounting capabilities—we keep the principles of intelligent billing front and center in your day to day. It has never been easier to integrate across departments such as sales, finance and customer service.

No coding required.

The Gotransverse platform automates the billing process by giving you the ability to configure any combination of one-time fees, recurring charges and usage-based pricing.

Explore the platform.

Product Catalog
Account Management
Usage Metering & Rating
Billing & Tax
Payments & Collections
Financial Management
Reporting & Analytics
Ecosystem Integrations

Product Catalog

It's easy to maintain product information and pricing for all of the services you offer with product catalogs and marketplaces. Gotransverse is highly customizable for multiple product configurations, services, terms, and prices. We solve the problem of product catalog proliferation through price lists and marketplaces giving you the ability to customize the offering without the need to copy and paste a new product every time. The platform includes a native product catalog and has the ability to integrate to 3rd party systems.

  • Subscription, add-on and one-time products
  • Prepaid and Postpaid products
  • Product Discounting
  • Dynamic Pricing Models
  • Marketplaces
  • Configurable Product Relationships

Account Management

Everything about your customers in a single place. You can create, edit, and monitor accounts, orders, services, invoices, payments, and adjustments and see the entire lifecycle of the account.

  • Account Performance KPIs
  • Order Creation & Approval
  • On Demand Billing
  • Billing Account Hierarchy
  • Usage Pooling Configuration
  • Tax Exemption Management
  • Accounts Receivable Management

Usage Metering & Rating

At its core, Gotransverse is a sophisticated billing and rating engine with robust usage, metering and rating functionality that is highly scalable. You now have capabilities that used to be available only in multimillion dollar industry specific solutions.

  • Simple and complex usage rating support
  • Re-rating
  • Real-time Rating Engine
  • Asynchronous and Synchronous Rating
  • High volume rating capabilities

Billing & Tax

Gotransverse automates the billing cycle. You can set cycles to run daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Process your billing in batches, or on-demand. Gotransverse increases the accuracy of your billing run with its built in bill cycle simulator. Pre-run your bill cycle to test your rating rules, configurations, and flash KPI's for the period. You can configure each bill cycle to automatically calculate additional fees and taxes.

  • Time-based & Custom Bill Cycles
  • Batch & On-Demand Billing
  • Rules-based Fee Calculations
  • Tax Management & Integration


It's simple to send recurring invoices or render an invoice in an external system. With multiple invoice templates available, Gotransverse processes the charges, discounts, and taxes then creates and sends a custom designed invoice to your customer.

  • Invoice Details
  • External Invoicing Capabilities
  • Invoice Adjustments
  • Re-sending Invoices

Payments & Collections

With many payment processing options like automatic and manual payments, and recurring or one-time payments, Gotransverse is PCI DSS Level 1 compliant and ensures full security and encryption of your customers’ financial data.

  • Multiple Payment Gateway Support
  • Sync Bank Statement Payments
  • Dunning
  • Payment Workflow Action

Financial Management

With the industry’s first native subledger, Gotransverse supports many different complex business and accounting rules. Gotransverse has built in revenue recognition capable of recurring or consumption-based revenues streams.

  • AR Subledger Management
  • Revenue Recognition
  • ASC 606 Compliance
  • Financial Statement Reporting

Reporting & Analytics

Powerful reporting gives you a 360 degree view into your order to cash process, from the product catalog all the way through revenue recognition. Easily configure and pull reports on an ad hoc or scheduled basis.

  • Standard Report Library
  • Report Scheduling
  • Custom Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Financial Reporting

Ecosystem Integrations

Gotransverse is an API-first platform that integrates seamlessly into your core business ecosystem, from CRM to ERP. You can trigger web-service calls to external systems and send email notifications when key actions take place.

  • ERP Integrations
  • CRM Integrations
  • Single Sign On (SSO)
  • SSAE-16 Compliant
  • Open API (REST & SOAP)
  • Workflow Management

Billed any way you want.

The Gotransverse platform is designed to tackle complex billing needs. Here are a few of the many use cases that are possible with Gotransverse.

Launch usage-based subscriptions.

Usage-based subscriptions are easily configured and launched from within Gotransverse. With zero or minimal coding, you can provide your customers with flexible pricing models at scale. Gotransverse processes billions of usage-events in near real-time, instantly updating account statements, and revenue reporting.

Stack and customize pricing rules.

Create as many custom rating and pricing rules as you need. Gotransverse makes it easy to process multiple transactions from a single point of purchase (shopping cart). You can build rules that calculate shipping and handling fees, revenue shares, partner channel rates and discounts, plus many more.

Implement prepaid account billing.

Prepaid account billing gets you paid fast. By providing your customers with a prepaid subscription, you can better manage cash flow and improve customer loyalty by offering pay-as-you-go subscription models.

Expand your offering with Marketplaces.

Marketplaces allow you to create market segregation to support channel partners and enables regional expansion. With Marketplaces, you have the ability to customize your product offering without the need to copy and paste a new product every time, and customize offerings and pricing rules to a different set of consumers.

Automate your collections process.

Powered by the Gotransverse platform, processing past due accounts has never been easier. You have the ability to do more than automated notifications. You can configure web service calls to external systems, provide deep provisioning to external systems and set up dunning strategies for delinquent accounts.

Reporting and data bliss.

Gotransverse has an integrated Business Intelligence tool which includes many canned reports such as AR aging, revenue waterfall reports, etc. In addition, you can create your own reports and dashboards using a drag & drop wizard. Quickly build customer-facing statements with drill-down transaction history.

Unbelievable receivables.

The Gotransverse platform boasts a full suite of customer Accounts Receivable capabilities. You have the ability to configure rules to align with your own business rules around management of your General Ledger and how and when you want transactions to be posted.

ASC 606 revenue recognition standard.

With fully automated daily revenue recognition capabilities, including detailed service level agreements, Gotransverse greatly expedites the revenue recognition process. Unique to Gotransverse is a native subledger that easily applies complex revenue recognition policies specific to your company. Implement your revenue policies, and Gotransverse handles the rest.

A notification engine.

Automate email, FTP, or web service calls to fire at any stage, or action, of the customer lifecycle. Gotransverse provides you with pre-defined notification templates for every type of notification making it easy to add, or change, notifications.

Discounts done right.

You can apply discounts for a specific period of time, on a percentage basis, or stack discounts however you like. Whether it's a seasonal promotion, or a discounted corporate rate, Gotransverse makes offering and reporting on discounts just a click away.

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