Master The Fintech Balancing Act

How to Accelerate Growth and Stay Audit-Ready with Intelligent Billing

The explosive growth of FinTech shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. In fact, the financial technology market is projected to reach $679.9 billion by 2023. FinTech companies that lay the foundation now to scale with efficiency while ensuring airtight compliance will gain a competitive edge. It's time to equip your back-office systems to handle sophisticated, high-volume transactions with speed—and meet increasing demands for accuracy, security, and visibility.

We needed a monetization partner that could support our internet-scale volumes and integrate with our existing systems to minimize disruption to our customer base. We chose Gotransverse for their domain expertise and excellent reputation for rating, configurability, and extensibility, as well as the capabilities of its technical team.
– Sanjay Drawn, VP of Finance, Ethoca

3 Reasons Why FinTechs are Adopting Intelligent Billing

Maximize Margins
Dynamic pricing has been shown to enable companies to increase prices by 60% without significant loss in customer volume.
Stay Accurate & Compliant
FinTechs are preparing for the expected 33% increase in compliance scrutiny with billing engines engineered to handle high volumes seamlessly.
Enhance Global CX
With financial exports as high as $109B in 2017 alone, FinTechs are using automation to account for cross-border complexity and deliver flawless customer experiences.

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