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Billing that Supports Internet Scale Volume
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The Marketing & Ad Tech industry is marked by high volume, complex billing needs—tiers, tapers, account hierarchies, split invoicing, and more— that typically require time-consuming manual work or very complicated workarounds. Turn billing into a competitive advantage with Gotransverse, an intelligent billing solution that supports an optimal customer experience in the face of internet-scale volumes and the account hierarchies specific to the Marketing & Ad Tech industry.

Gotransverse Delivers Benefits
Across the Organization and Tailored for Marketing & Ad Tech


Accelerate time-to-market

Take advantage of dynamic pricing capabilities to rapidly modify existing plans, and launch new services. Systematically manage complex pricing and discounting programs, as well as time-bound promotions and free trials.

Supercharge Salesforce

Automatically sync products across systems without coding and easily implement usage-based subscriptions from within Salesforce. Leverage the Salesforce ecosystem for ease of use while also delivering high-volume complex needs.

Attract & retain customers globally

Compute and account for foreign exchange gain/loss on a per invoice basis with constantly updated, cloud-based currency exchange rates. Support varying pricing structures for “in multiple regions” or channel partner via multiple price books or marketplaces capabilities.

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Simplify CPQ & create flexible bundles

Seamlessly support any strategy, from simple recurring fees and third-party settlements, to consumption-based tiers, tapered pricing, resource pooling, usage thresholds, and more. Choose from any number of order configurations and automate the renewal process.

Buy vs. build & future-proof your solution

Buy a leading, cloud-based intelligent billing platform to monetize anything you can measure. Apply pricing logic in real-time based on supply, demand and consumption. Benefit from consistent product updates with minimal maintenance and no coding.

Gain a 360-degree view

Eliminate errors and inefficiencies, integrating reporting systems to establish a single source of truth within the Gotransverse intelligent platform. Implement the platform quickly with easy APIs, and the assistance of Gotransverse’s skilled, capable team.


Fully automated revenue recognition

Implement a native subledger that easily applies complex revenue recognition policies specific to your company, including guidance associated with US GAAP and IFRS. Gain the flexibility to quickly address the changes in those policies and guidance.

Benefit from dynamic pricing

Set multiple commercial price lists based on characteristics (e.g., reseller, distributor, regional sales territory, country) from a single product catalog. Simplify account hierarchies, apply price changes, and leverage a near real-time rating engine.

Increase visibility & performance

Gain insight into the entire order-to-cash process, with near real-time revenue reporting. Take rapid action on product and customer intelligence—automatically updating revenue recognition milestones and sharing metrics with key stakeholders.

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Gotransverse was named a leader in recurring customer and billing management in its Forrester WaveTM evaluation, Recurring Customer And Billing Management, Q3 2017.

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